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Exciting News- show dates ANNOUNCED…

Application Process extended to midnight Sunday 11th June.

Apply here https://wordpress.com/page/gargraveart.uk/526

Receiving Day is Tuesday 4th July 10.30am to 3pm

Preview Wednesday 5th July 6.30pm to 9pm

Show runs Thursday 6th July to Sunday 9th July inc.

Opening times 10am to 7pm (closes at 4.30pm on Sunday).

To join the mailing list email gargravearts@gmail.com


Approximately three hundred artworks from amateur and professional artists will be on display, a themed exhibition by the Gargrave Art Group, artwork from Gargrave primary school children, a collaborative piece from Milton House residents and a solo show from Christine Thomas who was the winner of last year’s public vote.  Much of the artwork on display will be for sale, the exhibition provides an opportunity to buy an original and unique piece of art. A selection of Christine’s art work is below.

From left to right Apples, Beamsley Beacon, Bright and Beautiful.

James from the GARGRAVE art group…

James writes: My career has been predominantly in the chemical industry but in the last years of working full time, I gradually became interested in Art and Art History, visiting art galleries including a visit to the Gargrave Art Exhibition a couple of summers ago. I spoke to Bev Parker who was at the desk and expressed an interest in joining the group.

So, I joined the group as a beginner and despite struggling with water colours and nearly giving up on a number of occasions, I persevered and made progress, ever so slowly but enjoying the creative journey and being in the company of artists. A breakthrough came at last when I decided to give oil paints a try: I think that for me, painting in oils is a structured process that I can be split into several stages – and that seems to work quite well for me.

James has taken his painting one stage further than most of us by using his knowledge of chemistry and local geology to seek out minerals that can be used as pigments, collecting them whilst on his walks in the Yorkshire Dales, Lake District and Derbyshire. For example, the artists favourite, yellow ochre, is a hydrated iron oxide, and found widely across the region. Umbers, in addition to oxides of iron, and clay, contain the element manganese and this gives them the brown colour.

James crushes and grinds the collected samples, washes, filters and dries them and after further treatment combines them with oils such as walnut, poppy and of course linseed, or with other binders and/or preservatives, egg yolk being the most frequently used, to make his own paints. In the photo, James is adding crushed azurite to a linseed oil base, creating a dazzling depth of colour to the scene of the river Swale at Muker.

In his extensive research on the subject, James has also documented the process for producing “flake” white in the Yorkshire Dales during the early nineteenth century, Strips of metallic lead were placed in porous earthenware pots, over weak acetic acid (vinegar) in sheds along with fermenting manure that produced heat and carbon dioxide. After the pots were stacked and covered with sheets, the rooms were then sealed. After a few months, the acetic and carbonic acid reacted with the surface lead forming a white crust that was scraped off, dried, and ground. The sheets were then unrolled and the basic lead carbonate was scraped off. This was traditionally women’s work and for many it was a deadly occupation in the years before government legislation addressed the risks to health in the factory environment.

Showing the way that all James’ enthusiasms combine to creative effect, James relates that he received inspiration for his latest painting on the group’s current theme “A Quiet Place” whilst he was doing a presentation talking about lead and copper minerals, flake white manufacturing and showing some slides of the process and the Swinnergill mines and lead smelter. Out of the blue, looking for a suitable subject he visualised the beautiful river Swale setting at Muker and thought: “That’s it!” for the topic of the month.

Author: Sarah Kirk

Previous news…

Gargrave 50th Anniversary Art Exhibition: 14th – 17th July 2022

The Gargrave 50th Art Exhibition has been an enormous success. We have had a vast number of visitors and many works of art have been sold, raising funds for our Village Hall. We would like to thank all the artists, all the young artists and school children who took part. Margaret Swift who won the public vote in 2019. The Yorkshire Dales Sustainable Development Fund for their grant. The Reverend Andrew Steer, Vicar of Gargrave, the Gargrave 2022 Group, Members of Gargrave Village Hall Committee, the Gargrave Art Exhibition Committee and all the volunteers who have put in many hours of hard work to make this exhibition happen. We are very grateful to all the local businesses who donated raffle prizes including Number 29, Poppyfields Florist, The Dalesman Café, The Frying Yorkshireman, Wharf Side Wines, The Old Swan, Coniston Hotel & Spa, Coniston Hotel : Clay Pigeon Shooting, Thistledown Lino Prints, The Bollywood Cottage, Gargrave Co-op, Twin Locks Garden Centre, Crossgates Hair and Beauty, Gargrave Pharmacy, The Masons Arms and Cum-bye Arts and many more. And finally, all the people who purchased work.

You can read more about the show on our newsletter https://mailchi.mp/a10ecaf208fb/gargrave-art-exhibition-news-summer-15927467

Thank you all for your support.

Gargrave Art Exhibition Committee

We are very grateful for the grant from the Yorkshire Dales Sustainable Fund which has enabled us to improve our exhibition space.

A few images from the show.


News/ Posts

December 2021 Young@Art Project

Image: Printmaking

Young artists, aged 11 to 20, have enjoyed four creative workshops run by professional creatives: Printmaking with Brian Hindmarch, Book-making with artist Carolyn Hird-Rogers and Ceramics with Allison Wiffen. A big thank you to everyone who made this project possible, particularly the creative professionals who delivered the workshops and all the young people who took part and to the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust for their generous grant.

Read about the first two workshops in Gargrave Parish Magazine page 16. http://cms.gargravemag.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/2021-11-Gargrave-Coniston-Cold-Parish-Magazine.pdf

More about all the workshops can be seen here https://gargraveart.wordpress.com/gargrave-art-exhibition-group-presents-young-art/

Gargrave Art Group : Gargrave Open Gardens 2021

On a glorious July weekend eight members of the group enjoyed themselves immensely sketching, painting and stitching in a range of beautiful settings. Our thanks to those who hosted the artists on their ‘weekend away’ – in Gargrave!

March 2021

It is with regret that the Gargrave Art Exhibition Committee has decided that to hold a show this year is not possible.  We are all very disappointed but having made a thorough examination of all the available guidance and discussed all options it was clear to us that there are too many remaining uncertainties and compromises that would have to be made in the organisation and delivery of the show.

In any normal year planning for the show would begin in the next few weeks and given the current uncertainties we concluded  that we would not be able to plan with confidence for the delivery of a cultural, social and community art event we, and indeed all our participants, would wish to see.

The Art Exhibition Committee will continue to meet and is committed to posting updates and progress on our website and in the Parish Magazine and other periodicals.   Rest assured we are already working on the Golden Anniversary and will arrive fashionably late at the 50th Anniversary celebration!

February 2021

Founded in 1970, we hoped to be celebrating our Golden Anniversary in 2020. However due to Covid-19 restrictions we couldn’t hold our very special 50th show as planned but we will hold this as soon as it is safe to do so. When we have a date we will let all our supporters and artists know. We will be showcasing a diverse range of art forms, media and subject matters, there will be something for everyone! Approximately three hundred artworks from amateur and professional artists will be on display, a themed exhibition by the Gargrave Art Group and a solo show from Margaret Swift who was the winner of last show’s public vote.  Much of the artwork on display will be for sale, the exhibition provides an opportunity to buy an original and unique piece of art.

Read our Newsletter Winter/Spring 2021 (No3) here https://mailchi.mp/8b38975c0173/gargrave-art-exhibition-news-winterspring-2021-6661252

Ted, the Border Terrier by artist Margaret Swift

Summer 2020

This year the Gargrave Open Gardens event has gone virtual. In previous years, the Gargrave Art Group have supported the event by sketching in the show gardens as visitors tour round. You can visit the 2020 Gargrave Open Gardens here https://gargraveopengardens.com/

Read our Newsletter (No 2) here https://mailchi.mp/c55fac5c89fe/april-2020-newsletter

News Flash 21st March 2020

Gargrave Art Exhibition 50th Anniversary Show. It is with great regret that the Art Exhibition Committee has taken the decision to cancel the show this year. As we all know Covid -19 has brought with it a high level of unpredictability along the potential to have an enormous impact on our way of life. With the level of uncertainty surrounding the current situation, the Committee took the view that it would be better to make an announcement now rather than try and plan for a show that in the end was impossible to stage. This year will have been the 50th Anniversary but looking on the positive side, the cancellation until next year will mean we have more time to stage an even more successful celebration. If things change, and we are able to stage a show this year we may look to the autumn to do so but will let everyone know nearer the time.

Read our Spring Newsletter (No 1) http://mailchi.mp/f871302b43ea/gargrave-art-exhibition-spring-: 2020-newsletter

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